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  About Us

Our Aims
We aim at inventing solutions to solve your problems, and delight you with the help of our software.

Found in Hong Kong in 1999, Techwave is a dynamic, innovative software development company dedicated to the manufacturing, trading and educational fields. Our business solutions are built with the flexibility to fit business and educational requirements and the adaptability to change with your organization over time.

Techwave began as a software developer in the Asia region.  Success in helping empower organizational management was recognised through rapid growth in customers.  Since 1999, our company has grown and developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers through a combination of software development and consultation.  We are intent on assisting small and medium-sized businesses and organizations in financial and management aspects through our flexible and powerful software and services.

Our Products
Our flagship products are BizEasy business management series. It is a complete solution for business application management of small and medium-sized businesses

Apart from development for business management, we also contract with governments, institutes and universities to tailor-made software solution such as content management system, membership system, inventory and lending system, questionnaire system etc.